Mobile System Design

Maximize Design Briefings: Working With Designers

Mobile System Design

What if your feature was a Command Line Tool?

Mobile System Design

Brightdigit podcast (2023)

In this podcast episode Tjeerd in 't Veen is being interview by Leo D Gion about Mobile System Design.

Scaling up an iOS codebase

goto; CopenHagen (2019)

In this talk you'll learn how you can modularize your code and scale up across various stages inside a project. From scratch all the way up to enterprise level. Learn some practical tips to keep your codebase stable for other coworkers in a larger organization, and see how you can model public API's for more stability.

Some ❤️ for enums

CocoaHeadsNL (2018)

Learn bite-sized tips and tricks to make your code more robust, all by using Swift's powerful enums. Learn how to get the compiler to help you when modeling data, and learn how to transform structs into enums.