About Swift in Depth

Swift in Depth is all about sharing practical tips and filling knowledge-gaps for the (fairly) experienced Swift developer so that you can level-up your Swift skills.

During my time as a developer, I witnessed and experienced many hurdles when learning Swift.
After obsessing over Swift and being involved in literally hundreds of pull requests, I realized that many people–including myself–wrote code that perhaps could be a bit more robust, readable, or expressive. I consolidated all these learnings into a book called Swift in Depth and today I keep on sharing these nuggets of wisdom on this website.

About the author

Hey there! I’m Tjeerd, and I live near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


I work as a consultant for Swift and iOS related projects and have 17 years of programming experience.
At the time of writing I work at ING, helping build the highly rated, highly used Bankieren app, but also to help ING scale up by streamlining ways of working, and writing code that’s used by multiple teams from multiple countries, and most importantly, helping others to become better developers.

When I’m not programming I’m busy being a dad of two daughters, and I enjoy dabbling on an acoustic guitar.

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Find me on Twitter @tjeerdintveen
Mail me at tjeerd@swiftindepth.com